Seth Godin and others have been discussing the power of Tribes and how they form a sort of direction for a community. In his book Tribes Godin mentions the group Its well worth checking out especially if you work in the healthcare industry. It shows just how valuable communication has become to the world. This is a group of people that want to be heard. Is there a leader- no but the group is leading each other.  The health care industry needs groups like this and needs to adapt the way it thinks.

The future for many companies will be working out how to give their customers a way to communicate- like patientslikeme -being able to simply talk about their current condition allows them to take the lead in their lives. If your passionate about something then you need to share it without expecting anything back. The returns wil come in the ideas and knowledge the community shares.

Thats what this blog is about. I’m passionate about marketing and storytelling and fascinated by the power of communication and the way its changing right now. I want to share my thoughts and if there is a group of people thinking the same I want to be connected with you. If you think in a similar way please join me and send  this page to others who might feel the same.

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