Business careers are built on taking chances and standing up to be counted.  How often have you thought about getting the next job but failed to take the plunge. Take a leaf out of the Simon Cowell’s story book. Pop Idol, XFactor and Britain’s Got Talent has build a multinational business and launched hugely successful careers for some. But for the hundreds of thousands  of wanabee contestants they stand up on their own and prove a point.

So why don’t we all believe a little more in ourselves? You might not be a budding singer but you have talent. Have a look at some of the clips below and think how many times these people thought about not standing up and searching for chance.

Connie Talbot

Paul Potts

These two videos are a reminder that if you search hard and strive to unleash the authentic you who knows what might happen. Share the links and make some people you know think what  they can do.

Its worth noting that these shows have build a great bran buy repeated telling the classic story line of Pauper and Prince. An ordinary person confronts a fear finds a hidden talent which is perfected over several trials. At the final showdown the Pauper is triumphant and reveals himself as a prince. If it sounds like Star Wars…. that’s because it is. More on Achetypes and branding in a seperate post.

So XFactor you life tomorrow.