Brands connect with customers through sensations.  Some brands are heard and some are seen.  Advertising uses these senses the most and may be too much.  What about the other senses?  A taste brand like Hagen Das bring in a third sensation and made a difference.

Harley Davidson is another brand that builds on its story by using cusomers sense to enhance the experience. The leather and viration of the engine all weave together to become part of the Harley story.

Are there brands that combine more sensations.? Starbucks gets close. In Starbucks coffee houses the sensory assault begins. The smell of coffee blended with taste of carefully crafted offerings coffee and assorted foods is matched with music specially selected for Starbucks customers. Even the layout of most shops allow customers to engage in “people watching” as an entertainment.

In each of these cases the brand story is enhance by focusing on different senses. Its not just about ears and eyes. the other sense make a difference to the brand as well. I think by carefully considering which sense enhance your brand your able to evoke strong associations to the inner story library we use to make sense of the visual onslaught advertising hits us with.

So consider your senses and what stories they can evoke. If those stories align with your brand story then use them to enhance your brand. The more senses you can use to generate your brand story the more memorable and differentiation you will get.

Especially in pharmaceuticals the use of senses is under utilised. In your brand planning and advertising campaigns think how you can use different channels to exploit the way that senses connect customers to brands like the examples above.

Go on then you know it make Brand Sense!