The Cinema has Storytelling at its heart. You only need to think of some great films to see many of the topics around storytelling that has been discussed in an earlier post. Point of View (POV) is a technique used in film to create emphasis for a storyline. Changes in visual and verbal aspects of the film help the audience quickly and collectively create expectations of the storyline. Switching the POV  between the protagonist or antagonist alters the perception of the audience. From the protagonist view its used to create sympathy and from the antagonist view it creates fear. By repeating the use of POV scenes in films the audience is primed and as the story unfolds the director does not have to explain each scene and the audience gets the meaning or intent much quicker making the film flow.

How can this technique be used in marketing and sales? Brands that can base some of its marketing on POV are able to connect their brands audience in a way traditional marketing fails to. If your brand is the protagonist of your brand story has a protagonist then using point of view can create sympathy for its cause. On the other hand if your brand is the antagonist you will create  a sense of urgency under the guise of fear of what could happen without your brand creating need.

It would be interesting to see how Pharmaceuticals could use this to connect to customers or consumers better.