I’m writing this on the plane to New York.  On the way I noticed again the HSBC advertising that adorns many of the world’s airport jetty’s. HSBC the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank uses this channel to communicate a unique campaign.  Maybe you have seen the series of three or four pictures, all the same image with different copy.

The one I saw this morning was a close up of a wedding cake couple with the copy, Fate, Fear and Fairy Tale on different pictures.  Each picture draws you in and transports you with the aid of the copy to believe in the story being told. In the Fate picture you can almost see the Bride saying “It’s not for me” in the Happiness picture isn’t the bride smiling. Actually the images are identical but the combination of picture and copy creates a different story even when these are static and only separated by less than a foot and walked past by thousands of people every day. It’s a great example of iconic images playing inner story tapes and letting the audience make up the rest or themselves. Great job HSBC!