Land Rover tell a great brand story. They have built a brand around the archetype of the EXPLORER offering the Land Rover audience the potential to act out this role as protagonist in their own Explorer stories. I’m one of those protagonist that recently converted from the plain world of normal cars to Land Rover. This is my Land Rover story.

Late last spring, life on the French/ Swiss boarders had taken an interesting turn. Far from my day job as a Pharmaceutical Brand Director at Novartis,  my evenings and weekends had become a blur of farming and land management. Spring had seen us buy three trees in the local village forest to fuel our “green” desires of heating our house with wood. Chickens had arrived at the prospect of self-sufficiency with vegetables and possibly starting to raise pigs for a home supply of pork gave us weeks of new experiences in the countryside around our house. We were treading new ground, it was exciting and refreshing getting back to the countryside.  At this time we had a Lexus as the family car. Luxurious and well finished but our life story had moved on. It no longer fitted us as a family. Our Land Rover brand moment came one Saturday when we borrowed a Land Rover Defender 110- See how the sub brands fit the Explorer pioneer thinking. As a car Land Rovers do not come close to matching the comfort factors built into even the cheapest Japanese car. But that’s not the Land Rover story and nor did we even want that anymore. We wanted something different. We wanted something that would get us into trouble and out again!

Land Rover’s story is connected. From the green logo symbolising the outdoors to its heritage of safari, farm work and any where where”normal” cars can not go. Heritage plays a big part in creating enthusiasm for the brand. It goes to show that trust in a brand isn’t generated purely from the functional aspects of the brand.  There  are multiple offerings from other car manufacturers in the same category but none of tem tell the explorer story as well as Land Rover.

Brand persuasion= Inspiration+Authenticity+ Enthusiasm

Land Rovers brand persuasion stems from their enthusiasm generated by experience. enthusiasm can be broken down in branding terms to its greek route “enthos” or “god within”. We serve out inner gods with self-fulfilling   experiences. Real enthusiasm for a brand happens where someone tries to connect with  brand even when it causes conflicts within them. Fans are more than users, they love your brand and go to extraordinary lengths to

That’s certainly true for Land Rover. Ours leaks when it rains and it takes about 100 miles for it to warm up in winter. It doesn’t matter. I’m eager to explore new worlds in science, writing, thinking and storytelling and Land Rover fits my explorer nature for our exploration towards a sustainable world.  Are we fulfilling the brand story or is Land Rover fulfilling ours? I’m not sure,  I’m certainly a fan and I’m certainly part of the brand story.