Inspired by Gretchen Rubin‘s Happiness Project, I wrote my own storytelling version.
  1. Tell stories about new things you learned to do
  2. Go deep on one or two things and tell stories about what you learned
  3. Research and Investigation is important to me. It helps me tell stories of who I am
  4. Feel free to think of ideas and tell stories about them. Even if your ideas are wrong you will improve on your number 1
  5. Sunshine is makes me happy
  6. Exercise makes me happy
  7. Giving is more fun than receiving but receiving well and telling stories of receiving allows others to give and tell stories of your giving (I learnt that from Bob Burg and John Mann in the Go Giver)
  8. I’m happier doing things today rather than tomorrow but I tell myself stories of the opposite and i’m a good storyteller!
  9. Even ideas that seem to be obvious should be told by you because you might make them accessible to others.