In my last post I wrote about the Story Map I used to analyze stories and search for ways to incorporate brands into well known narratives. By using the same tools as Hollywood its possible to effectively place your brand inside a well known story which takes very little energy (and money)  to communicate its core idea to your audience.

In this post i’ll demonstrate the principles of the story map using the well known comic strip story and Hollywood blockbuster Batman. First, here is the story map in table form. Its easier to use on a computer this way but the four circle version lends itself to brainstorming and classroom formats. Choose the one that is easier for you to use.

Batman’s Premise
A wealthy businessman who as a boy who sees his parents killed becomes a masked avenger of Gotham‘s evil criminals. He battles for justice and a better society while risking his real identity becoming known.

I got to the premise by writing each of the nine lines to define the  story and choosing the voice words from each of them to get to the premise. Now I know its easy to do this for such an iconic story but I’ve also used it to generate the stories for my brands at work and some of the best know Pharma brands. I’ll post some pharma brands in the next posts.