Game Transfer Phenomenon is an interesting observation that people who play Nintendo or other games consoles and develop skills that become potentially useful in the real world. There is the example of a man driving and hitting a patch of ice unexpected for the morning he was driving on. The ice caught the tires and the traction was gone from the wheels. All of a sudden his car was spinning and sliding towards the on coming traffic. In the split second he became aware of the dire consequences this unresolved situation would end in if he didn’t do something quick. But his hands and feet were already responding, bending the car out of the spin. As the car lurched out of danger he started to think. How did I do that, where did I learn how to drive like a professional. After all he had only just passed his test. Then a familiar memory came over him, he had made that move before. In fact he had made that move so many times in the driving game he had been playing for a couple of months. Yes there is muscle memory from learned task but this and other examples have started people thinking what is the learned experience from playing games.


On a second look its not that unexpected that we learn from games because we have a longer history of learning from stories and other experiences. Books and movies create  the same kind of learning experience but maybe not as acutely. Perhaps in games the story is enhanced by the muscle memory learnt. I wonder if good stories well told can effect similar adaptation and reaction.