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Everyday our lives and businesses generate vast amounts of data  and the rise of cloud computing and the internet has enabled us to store and retrieve this information easily. The challenge has always been  to enable people to use data  and  to communicate simply. There are a few visionaries that have mastered the art of data visualisation like Edward Tufte and Stephen Few. The future depends on the blend of this fusion of information and storytelling. Maybe this comes from the  combination of semiotics, or the study of  symbols and data and Storytelling in info-graphics.  David Mc Candeless is at the top of this genre today. He has become a graphic journalist in the same way that cartoon are able to convey both simple and complex stories McCandelless in his best selling bookInformation Is Beautiful” blends Story with news and narrative.

Infographics, like great symbols can deliver meaning instantly. People get the whole picture and know what to do with the information. The same is true for info graphics where the overall message comes across quickly moving people to communicate the essential parts. Infographics can further the story.