Storytelling has become popular across many different media in the last few years and a lot has been written about both the story and the telling parts of storytelling. One potential problem in the overuse of the word storytelling (am I am guilty as charged) is the difference in discipline of storytelling and storyshowing.  Storyshowing is the way of communicating a whole story with one image. I do not mean film , where a story is told – with or without words by showing a series of images. Storyshowing is based on semiotics and rooted deeply in symbolism. I think its sometimes  it is worth thinking if the story we want to get across is best told or shown.

There are some great examples of storyshowing like the VW Lemon advertisement and the recent series of HSBC Ads I like so much. Normal advertising and storyshowing advertising are separated by the effect each has on the audience and they are both needed. In great storyshowing ads, the creative conjures up  a scene in the audience’s head where a subtle problem is shown. Solving the problem activates a story and revels meaning behind the image. Because the story is self created is is more authentic and more likely to be remembered,

UnknownNewspapers have known this power for many years and photo journalism is a very powerful media. After all a picture can paint a thousand words.  Brilliant images are able to convey all these words, meaning and emotion in one instant. The power in storyshowing is  the speed the message and meaning that can be communicated along with the memorability of the message compared to other branding that relies on copy to carry it,

What picture for you says a thousand words? and what is your brand visual that does the same?