Did you ever stop to think what happens to the billions of words spoken everyday? What happens to the words that don’t get heard? How long will they live for and do they make a noise when they fall on the floor, unheard , unused and ignored?

A preventative measure to stop this typographical suicide is story. It remains the best way to get words heard and understood. Just ask any child listening to a story. Stories keep the spoken word alive.

Stories are the electricity that jumps, boosted with renewed energy from one person to another like electricity traveling between pylon to pylon eventually reaching and powering your home. Another way of looking at story is the way ideas jump from synapse to synapse purpose renewed.

But back to those falling words. If you cannot build a story , then use the metaphorical ink from the words you  write to paint a picture. It will last longer and people will tell your story from it.

Keep listening to hear if your words are hitting the floor and keep thinking about your story.


Inspired by a great conversation with Paul, Martin and Chris at  Make Believe UK.